Project Description


When the AuctionNow team needed to help agents and auctioneers broadcast live auctions from anywhere at any time they came to us. We didn’t let them down.


  • No Visible Delay: Bidders around the world would be bidding on auctions against people physically at the auction. The video could not be delayed. Even a delay as little as one second would mean an online bidder was disadvantaged and could lose out on the property of their dreams.
  • Unstable Internet Speeds: Agents and Auctioneers would be utilizing this broadcasting app out in the field or deep in offices. Ping and bandwidth were going to be something we needed to work around. We had to expect the broadcaster would have an unstable internet connection.
  • Quality Video: The video must be the best possible resolution the broadcasters internet speeds can allow.
  • Point and Shoot Simple: The app had to be easy to pick up and start broadcasting. Zero configuration issues.
  • Wide Audience: People on all devices and browsers should have access to view the livestream.


With a delay of less than 300 milliseconds the AuctionNow broadcast iOS and Android app are capable of broadcasting high quality livestream video to the AuctionNow platform so bidders anywhere in the world can view the auction and bid on properties alongside auction attendees.
The app interface is so amazingly simple. Simply click on the property or order of sale you wish to broadcast and click “Record.” Your property auction is now live to the world.
The broadcast architecture can handle an unlimited amount of live streams at the same time and up to 3,000 viewers with no performance degradation.
Regardless of internet speed broadcasters are able to send video to their audience. The app monitors the internet connection and proactively adjusts stream quality to keep the video and audio latency free and looking great!

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